Latisha Dark Lips Cream

Dark Lips

Having red lips gives definition to one’s face. So even if a person is dark, if she has red lips, she can still look attractive. Dark lips is 98% hereditary and the other 2% is attributed to smoking or drinking coffee/tea. So if you have dark lips and you’re a smoker, chances are that even if you weren’t a smoker, you would still have dark lips. It’s a natural thing.


Dark Spot on the Lips

Dark Lips mostly affect Southeast Asians and African-Americans. It’s a very common problem that not everyone is aware of. Truth of the matter is, it’s a very big factor in making a person attractive or not. It’s not just about nutrition or good diet, we have to deal with the underlying problem. The sides of our lips and our upper lip is darker than our lower lip. This is because it’s a dark spot, so there’s that thick, black spot on our lips that cover it. The reddish or pinkish lip tone of ours is hiding beneath that dark spot, but it’s there, waiting to be uncovered. Good nutrition gives color to our lips, it gives us that healthy glow. But with a dark spot covering it, that healthy glow would be unnoticeable.

About the Skin of our Lips

Your lips have three layers: Stratum Corneum which is a protective covering of the epidermis, Epidermis where the melanin is located and determines your lip color, and the Dermis which separates your skin from the subcutaneous tissues.
Sebaceous glands, which moisturizes the skin, is not present on your lips because it can only be found on those areas of your skin with hairs. For this very reason, your lips can easily become dry and chappy with only your saliva as its source of moisture.


Causes of Dark Lips

Just like with the rest of your body, the reason for having dark lips is melanin pigments and dead skin cells. Though it doesn’t follow that if you have fair complexion, you’ll have less melanin on your lips or if you have dark complexion you’ll have more melanin on it. There are people with fair skin who have dark lips and people with dark skin who have red lips. It’s really hereditary and race places a good role on this. If you have good nutrition and healthy lifestyle, your lips will have a glowing color of red underneath. But because dark spots on your lips cover that reddish glow, what becomes visible is dark lips.

Dark Lips Lightener

For people with dark lips, they know what they’re dealing with. They know how serious their problem is and those people who tell them to drink 8-10 glasses of water for better blood circulation or apply lemon extracts or stop drinking coffee or tea, they don’t understand. They-simply-can’t-relate. They know it’s beyond that issue. There’s just that piece of dark skin covering their lips that they can't get rid of-mostly the upper area and its sides. A very small area indeed, but makes or breaks an appearance.
But now with Latisha Dark Lips Cream, your problem is solved!

Dark Lips Lightening

Latisha Dark Lips Cream has been proven very safe and effective in lightening dark lips even if it’s natural or acquired. It contains Niacinamide, Arbutin, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. We only use safe and natural ingredients and the cream definitely doesn’t contain Hydroquinone or any harmful chemicals.

How to Use Latisha Cream

You apply this cream once or twice a day. You’ll feel a light tingling sensation a few minutes after its application, but you need not worry. This indicates that the cream is working.


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It would be impossible to lighten your dark lips without using the right product to remedy the underlying problem. There are so many products which are claiming to lighten dark lips but the truth is, they only make your lips smooth and supple, like a lip balm or lip gloss. That’s not what you need. What you need is a product that would target the dark spots on your lips, Latisha Dark Lips Cream. Latisha Dark Lips Cream is the most effective, fastest and safest dark lips lightener. We have a 60-day money-back guarantee.