Laetitia Cream Reviews

“I go clubbing a lot and I usually meet new faces from this place. I’m good at putting make-up on myself and I know how gorgeous I look at bars and clubs. I feel hot and my self-esteem soars up whenever guys check out on me. But when they see me at daytime I feel like I disappoint them. I know how they think I’m only beautiful when the lights are low. My eyebags, underarms and lips are so dark. I have very bad dark spots. I used Laetitia Dark Lips Cream for just 3 months and it’s very promising. I saw results within this span of time. I would continue using it for about a year. I recommend it to all my friends.”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Shayla Anderson, Entrepreneur

”I was very pathetic with my lips. You won’t believe what I’ve tried to achieve red lips. I used to apply clorox on it, leave on detergent bar on it overnight for it to peel-off. The detergent bar worked for me but the surrounding skin of my lips became allergic obviously. It looked like I had lipburn. Until I found Laetitia Dark Lips Cream which I used until the container is consumed, around 4.5 months. My lips became softer and red. The dark pigments are gone.”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Tim Barkley, Manager

“I’m so glad that I found this product. It definitely gave solution to my insecurity, my dark, chappy lips. I’ve always been wearing my favorite matte lipstick which is a natural color. Personally I really don’t want any make-up on. But without any lipstick, I look ugly. So since I was in College it has always been with me. I don’t wear any other make-up, except lipstick. I believe that less is more. Though my lashes are short, I choose not to apply mascara. But lipstick is the one thing I can’t stop using coz it makes my face glow and my features defined. After using this product, I noticed my lips lightening after just 2 weeks. I knew then that this product is for me so I continued using it until 6 months. Now my lips are cherry.”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Lisa Whistler, Teacher

"I have fair complexion but my lips are very dark. I don’t smoke and I’m very vain. I drink plenty of water, sleep 8 hours a day, I always dab on lip balm with SPF. Somehow that dark area on my lips is very stubborn. I brush it with toothpaste everyday, I tried squeezing lemon on it for 3 months but nothing happened. Until I found this product. On my first week I noticed that it peeled off the outermost layer of my lips. I only applied it every night. On my 4th week the result is undeniable. I feel so pretty now and very confident. I can face people without my favorite shade of lipstick. I’m now who I am. Simple and natural."

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Twyla, Designer