Laetitia Cream Reviews

“I have fair complexion but somehow my lips are very dark tho I don’t smoke. I wear lipstick all the time and I feel naked w/o it. Tho it makes me feel pretty w/ my lipstick on, it grosses me out. Everytime I eat, it smudges on my food, especially with sandwich. And I love being au naturale, the simply fresh and pretty look. I don’t wear any eye make-up, no blush-on, but my lipstick arghhh…I just can’t miss it! I used to apply calamansi extract on it every night for 3 years but absolutely nothing was happening. So I stopped and tried Laetitia and the result was amazing! After just 2 weeks my lips were already lighter and continued using it for 3 months. This is me now and I’m happy to share it with everyone!”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Gladys, Clerk

“Hi I’m Asuntha, from Sri Lanka. I must admit I have very pretty face but becoz of my dark lips I felt very insecure. I tried any product I could find for dark lips and also home-remedies like lemon, castor oil, and all kinds of extract but nothing worked. So I ordered this product last May 2010 on amazon. On my first month I got sooo excited coz for the very first time in my life, I saw myself with lighter lips. So I ordered a 5-month supply. I used Laetitia for a total of 6 months and now it’s reddish, without a dark tinge. My only hope is that it’s permanent :)”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Asuntha, Student

“My lips are naturally dark since I was small. I’m a guy and I can’t wear any lipsticks. I’ve tried Go**va, F**sh U*, and bleaching agents like hydroquinone on it. Go**va and F**sh U* only made my lips smoother but did nothing for lightening. Hydroquinone lightened it at first, but later made it even darker. I’ve been using Laetitia Cream for 1 year now and my lips are just getting redder and redder. I love it!”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Vivian Oca, CSR

“I have very dark upper lips and its sides. I tried eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drank only tomato juice as water supplement. I also took Ferrous sulfate thinking that it would make my lips reddish. My nutrition is very rich and I take complete vitamins but still it doesn’t affect the color of my lips. Although I feel healthy I don’t look it because of my dark lips. I bought this cream and used it until the container is empty. Within just 2 weeks my dark lips were getting lighter and lighter. I’m now on my 3rd month but there’s still some hint of darkness so I’m now on my 2nd container. I’m assuming I’ll be contented after this container.”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Mayumi, Student