Latisha Cream Reviews

Hello all! I never write reviews for the product that I have tried before. But for this I had to. I had been having dark lips since young but recently perhaps to due dehydration my lips got way darker and i was ashamed to even step out of my house. After much unsuccessful research, i came upon Laetitia Dark Lips Cream. Been 5 days since I have been using Laetitia Dark Lips Cream and i should say it works AMAZING . Slowly it has allowed my lips dark dead cells to be soften and removed. Also my lips feels softer now. More reasons for me to smile more now 

Mary, N/A

“I’m an Indian and I was born with dark lips. I drink coffee and I smoke but I guess it has nothing to do with it. I used Laetitia for Dark Lips last year 2009 for 6 months straight and my lips have become what it should be…red, the color of my lips without the melanin-barrier pigment. It has totally changed my life. My confidence level is higher than ever. I felt prettier inside and out. I’m so glad a company has researched into this problem.”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Sashmecka, Tech Support

“When I was 18, I tried peeling off my lips using a DIY chemical peel. Within a week it peeled off and revealed pink lips (woohoo!!!). I was sooo excited and I thought it was it. The solution to my problem. Only that…I couldn’t smile (literally). I couldn’t stretch my lips. I had to stop myself from laughing coz my lips couldn’t stretch and it would crack and hurt so much. I felt very nervous coz I thought i won’t be able to smile forever. Like a person who had burns, when they speak their mouth cldnt move. After a few weeks, it went back to normal, it could stretch, I could smile but along with it, came back my dark lips. I thought to myself, that’s a lesson for me. That I should accept my dark lips for what it is. Still it remained my biggest insecurity. I tried using F**s* U* and applied it on my lips and nipples for 6 months, it was such a waste of money. Not even a shade lighter. When I tried to return it they said it depends from person-to-person, that some people need to use it for a year blah! blah! Then again, I read from a forum about Laetitia for dark lips. I bought a 3-month supply. Within just 2 weeks I noticed my lips getting lighter, it’s awesome! I’m now on my 3rd month and my lips have become lighter by 50%. I guess I need to use it for another 3 months for the melanin pigments to be totally gone. I want to reveal reddish lips!!!”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Janet Samonte, IT Specialist

“My lips were very dark and I’ve been smoking since I was 15. I’m not the type of girl who puts make-up on, but I wasn’t comfortable with my dark lips either. I felt very insecure about it. I used G*d*v* dark lip lightening for more than a year, while it did soften my lips coz of the petroleum jelly texture, it did absolutely nothing for its color. Then I tried this Laetitia dark lips cream I read from femalenetwork forum. After just 2 weeks I knew it was working for me. The cream is strong enough to really do something about your dark lips. You’ll feel it working, there’s a tingling sensation within the first few minutes of application and you just know something’s going on. I continued using it and it’s become a part of my regimen. I don’t sleep without it on my lips. I’ve been using it for a year and I won’t stop using it coz I’m smoking.”

Note: Result may vary by individual.

Leah Cruz, Singer